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What is Binaural Beats?

Quantum mechanics, physics, and string theory all tell us one reoccurring truth that permeates all reality: everything vibrates. And this makes sense, for on the atomic level the atoms and particles are shown to be in a constant state of motion, vibrating against each other to create molecules. 

 So that would ensue that the speed of this motion determines it's state, whether it be solid, liquid, gas, etc, it is dependent on the frequency of this motion, or the time it takes to complete a cycle.

Atom gif p.gif
Brain zap.jpeg

So now look big picture, and think how many different combinations of atoms moving at different speeds make up our reality. All of those particles are emitting light to the world in the form of a frequency telling our brains the essence of its existence. 

But then, within that thought would be the matter of thought and process itself, for our very minds are currents of electricity, or frequencies of light. 

This means your every thought, emotion, and even action is not only the result of your brain releasing a specific electrical current, but that they each have a corresponding frequency that can be measured.

This is the basis of binaural beats. By hearing a tone of a vibrational frequency measured in Hertz (Hz), your brain is able to detect, and copy that frequency to induce a state of similar Hertz within the brain and send it throughout the body.

This was documented and proven by a monk named Guido D'Arezzo, who by studying sacred chants, songs, and mantras culminated a scale of their healing frequencies which he called "Just intonation", or the Solfeggio Scale. 

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