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Binaural Beats

New to Binaural Beats?

Solfeggio Frequencies
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Solfeggio Frequencies are among the greatest healing tools on our planet, for our body already heals itself by sending vibrations of light waves that direct our white blood cells to make us stronger.


The 7 Chakras

Crown - Violet, connection

Third Eye - Indigo, perception

Throat - Blue, communication

Heart - Green, empathy

Solar Plexus - Yellow, will power

Sacral - Orange, emotion

Root - Red, balance

Each Solfeggio frequency vibrates at the pure of a chakra, or a center of circling energy within us. This clears the chakra of negative patterns and blocks so it can once again flow naturally! 

The meditation begins by playing two frequencies, one in each ear, so try and find your headphones. The base is our root frequency and then it goes up from there. To clear your chakras is easy. Just breathe in, feel the vibration of the binaural beat, and the color of the chakra in that area of your body. Then, with each exhale, imagine the sound and the light from that color growing more vibrant, stretching farther into your space


Releasing new meditations soon!

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