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The Healer
  • The Healer

    Tired of popping pills to kill the pain just to end up relying on them? Find relief the natural way with the beauty of The Healer. Featuring wild lettuce, which is one of the most effective herbs known for relieving pain and relaxing the mind with a warm sense of home without any of the addictive qualities of opiates and other pain killers, hence it’s nickname: opiate lettuce. Also includes lavender, which not only aids in pain relief, but relaxes the body and mind, and mullein, which heals the lungs and adds a sensation of peace.

    Add a caffeine boost and plenty of toxin cleansing antibiotics to your life when you get an additional half ounce of Jasmine or Earl Grey to mix in with your tea steep.


    We also offer comfort options on the side for our smoke friendly herbalists!

    Adding in some Mullein removes mucus and damaging tar from the lungs through its expectorant qualities

    Calamus Root also is an expectorant, clears negative side effects, calms anxiety, and sharpens the focus so you can be at your best. I always put a couple on the bottom of my bowls for extra peace and as an herbal filter so the blend doesn't pull through!


    Smoke or steep into a tea 1 to 2 teaspoons and enjoy your calm!
    Comes in half ounce bags

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      $4.00every month until canceled
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