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The Pen of Choice

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

I wrote this about a year ago and it has only become more applicable to the world consciousness as time has gone on. This is how I saw the gift choice.


Our minds are one of the most simple yet infinitely complicated things this world has to offer. It seems to follow such a straight forward set of guidelines, where each person lives partly based on their own natural reaction to things. It’s like a human instinct that drives our minds and bodies to goals we didn’t even know we had. Yet at the same time we are each independent, our minds form decisions daily that change our path through this world. We have each a solitary consciousness that ultimately has its own perception in its hands.

But what is perception? Is it just the way we see the world or maybe something much deeper? Perception as a concept isn’t as straight forward as one may seem, for it covers such a broad spectrum. Our entire reality is based upon our perception of life. How our brain processes the events that occur is based on how we interpret it. We aren’t constrained to one train of thought or ideal, for we are given the most powerful thing in the universe; choice. Our choice is what empowers us to make change, to make a path through the ever changing reality we all inhibit. Never underestimate yourself, for in you is a light that’s waiting to grow into a sun.

Choose your own fate. No matter what’s written in the stars, your everyday life is being written by you. It’s your story, and because of that you are the author. When choice becomes your pen, there’s no limit to the chapters your book can have. But you can’t let your pen run out of ink, for in your pen is your motivation, your drive, and the intuition that gives your choice its backstory.

Now this may seem grandeur and difficult to all take in at once, and that’s okay, for it is a high expectation to change your entire perspective in one sitting. No one ever ascends a mountain in one step, for the process of living requires many small steps to reach the spectacular view.

But because of our own individuality, our paths to the peak follow many different trails. Some need to light fire in their hearts, giving them the rush to push through obstacles. Then there are others who seek the logical route, maybe taking the longer path but the sure footed one. In any circumstance, there is always a way. Under Murphy’s Law, it says that if something can happen, it will. Though it’s in the due process of getting there that we ensure it can happen. It all begins with that first step.

Although to find that first step, it isn’t always straight forward. For most, it’s our souls desire for progress where we find that passion to begin. What do you love? What puts a smile on your face and gives you the energy to take that step? If it doesn’t come to you, don’t turn back. You’ve just taken the first step of many, so let yourself fall into a patient headspace, and give your body, mind, and soul time to come to the conclusions you were destined to achieve. Try to stray from the material desires, and look into the bigger picture of life. See into a future where you have no worry, no fear to tear down your happiness, and no hate for things not in your control. Take that moment, that setting and that feeling and capture it. Keep it in the center of your mind and heart, and look into all the possibilities that could lead you there. Then, with an inhale of fresh air, imagine filling that feeling with intention, an energy that is just as powerful as your own choice, and allowing it to fill your entire being, and with a slow exhale, let the world know where you want to be. Say it out loud, or in your head if you like, any way you do it just be sure to give that energy to the earth, for she wants that feeling for you just as much as you do.

Now it is time for you to decide. Will you let this be the end of your journey to the top, or will you give into the fear of the task and let yourself fall back into old habits? Choose for yourself. Not for anyone else’s well being but what brings the most light into your life.

But the journey to the top doesn’t have to be on top of others, for there is enough space up there for all who follow the path. Working as a species is why we have succeeded in building a society of this proportion, for one of the many gifts given to us is the power to co-create. You are never truly alone, for there is love everywhere around you. Even in the darkest times there will always be duality, it is just in your perspective that you can choose to see the light. So if there seems to be no light, know there is still a star within you, waiting to bring beauty and goodness to this world.

Beginning to co-create is as easy as choosing to bring in others who share that light with you, creating a reality where you can exist with, not against each other. When even two people’s energies are combined, the possibilities in your lives increase exponentially. That in itself makes it all the more worth it.

Now imagine a family, community, country, or even the world coming together with that same love and intention. There is infinite change in this world that we could make just by choosing to write our stories together. And it all begins with that first breath, that first intention, and that first step towards a world where we all can achieve our highest good. All you have to do is pick up the pen.

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