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A Plethora of Pisces & a Trio of Taurus

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

WOW when they say the stars are aligned THIS IS WHAT THEY MEANT.

5 planets in Pisces, 3 planets in Taurus, & a whole world of drifty yet driven people.

Good Morning! The Forecast is looking hazy with bountiful showers of creative motion! Synchronicities for your personal life are in high effect right now. Intuition, creativity, and fluidity of emotions come to the fore front with Pisces dominating the sky, creating an atmosphere for great manifestation as the last sign in the chart is the space of pure potentiality before birth. A realm of infinite idea and little material reality, we‘re in prime space to allow the mind to roam free into any form. As pisces is the two fish, it exists as the mutable principle that when you have completed one quest, the cycle of life is there with a second one circling close by to begin a new adventure. It is the liquid state of duality & the idea of the great body of water, the ocean. A vast pressurized by its density of ideas, the two koi represent knowing as much as they represent confusion.

With only the warrior Aries separating these two constellations in the sky, Taurus can be seen right close to Pisces residence in the Sea (an area of the sky filled predominantly with water based constellations). The gas Is seemingly chasmic though as Taurus is fully born and kicking hard while Pisces is still unmanifested & infinite. Loving Taurus rules the ages of 7 through 14 in human life, and is the idea of “I have”. As well as valuing material possessions they enjoy pleasures in life, working hard for what they care about & of course the infamous fixed modality stubbornness of the Bull.

As contradictory as watery Pisces & earthy Taurus may seem, they can work quite well together. Pisces is in domicile (the ruler of the planet) traditionally by Jupiter & in modern astrology by Neptune, but it is itself the ruler of the ocean, & thus has a close correspondence with the Moon. Pisces is also currently aligned with the Moon so Taurus, being in exaltation (stronger) in the Moon, is welcoming its friend Pisces the Ocean. Pisces is also exalted by Venus and is currently cozily resting in the relationship ruling planet, which happens to be the domicile of Taurus. With loving Venus presiding over the meeting of these two signs in our sky, relationships with ourselves & others are under eye & emphasis. How we treat the exchanges in our timeline is important during this transit, & with Pisces’ power of manifestation, small positive or negative choices can drastically change your fate in this realm quite spontaneously. Your life intentions in general during this time will be easily fruitful, so putting forth the energy you want returned to you is easier than ever!

Be wary though, with as much power as is available, there is great vulnerability. Pisces can have trouble voicing themselves & will often avoid direct confrontation, instead resorting to over processing & running from problems. This is even more so with fiery Mars, our vitality & passion, being in Pisces. Mars moves into a place of detriment (weaker, more conflict) with this transit through Pisces, meaning our passions may have great creative beginnings but find difficulty becoming present. Using the grounded Taurus energy to balance out the emotional fluctuations will bring you much peace. Keep your breath and both feet on the ground to bring you right back into your passions! Taurus & Pisces is also a red flag for your patience running low, so your anger towards the little things may be bubbling to the surface. Mercury, our thought & communication, is currently traveling through Taurus, so our thoughts can be trapped in a fixed mindset as our energy is confused on its origin in Pisces. Watch for this with our Sun in Taurus as well, the energy of the Bull is being created within how our personality expresses itself so let go of how you think you should be and let that part of you authentically show itself. This is also important in the third planet transiting through Taurus, Uranus, which is the expression of our individuality & our drive to go out of the ordinary. You may be unconsciously going against the grain just to stay in what you believe is right. Mutable, every changing Pisces can be easily called upon right now to help things roll off your shoulders & flow down the river. The present is ever evolving, so embrace the “everything is temporary“ mentality of the two fish & let what’s not serving you be released to return as light. The stellar constellation giants are always a thought a way for consultation, so you lean on your intuition to call upon them!

This transformative space the human collective is going through right now is all being guided by Jupiter, watched over carefully so our 6th sense develops as a proper intuition that provides great wisdom. Pisces has been in its ruling planet of expansion for quite some time now, as it takes the gas giant Jupiter about a year to move through the each sign. Being at 27 degrees, it is near the end of its 30 degree cycle, meaning the lessons of this year in Pisces are coming to a fruition. Jupiter has taught us how to grow by trusting our gut, how enlightening embracing our creative & goofy side can be, and that our spirit needs love for it to give love.

During all this light & lessons, remember that every one these celestial bodies have so much love for your path. They all want to see your potential become a beautiful part of this collective life, & each day is a new array of memories for your light shine in. Their embrace is already here, you’ve always felt it, for their magnetic fields & and quantum connection stretch past this solar system. They are the great titans of life just us as our earth is, so you can have peace knowing the wondrous galactic family you were born into!

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